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Thursday, September 2, 2010


Thank you for your patience, and your very interesting class! I hope you come back next year! I think I will have more time to dance this year because I've finished my studies for two months! So I hope improving my level before the next year and I hope I can come more than one class next year!
see you

I thank you very much Marcello for thr great ballet week passed with you!
Your classes are always very interesting :) That was a pleasure to came back at your ballet summercourse =)
I hope to see you again,
have a good holiday!


Thank you very much for your wonderful summercourse! I did enjoy your classes and will do my best to enjoy ballet classes more!
I hope to see you again next year :)

Great classes Maestro! You will be missed. Your knowledge and your spirit. Will start rehersals with all your words in mind. Hope to see you again :)

Thank you so much for your classes dear Marcello ! you give us inspiration and power to go on ; your teaching is a lesson not only for dance but for life too. Hope to see you soon :)

I'll hope that you ll come next year
Thank you so much for your lesson

See you next summer I really enjoy it. Merci to all of you..
Marcello Raciti


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